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My Chanh filter dough cake

01/01/1970 lúc 08:00

The cake is cheap, the ingredients are easy to find, nothing special but has its own flavor.

Travel Experience - Explore Klu Hot Springs Tourist Area

01/01/1970 lúc 08:00

Dakrong is a district located in the west of Quang Tri province, located on the axis of East-West Economic Corridor (EWEC), with famous landmarks such as Dakrong suspension bridge, Ba Long war zone ...Besides those historical sites, Dakrong is also famous for its extremely rich, diverse and rare natural ecosystem that facilitates ecotourism and discovery tourism.

Folk cake casting Dai An Khe

08/12/2020 lúc 16:00

Referring to Dai An Khe village, Hai Thuong commune, Hai Lang district, everyone knows this land has famous delicious moon cakes.

Cam Lo fair market

01/01/1970 lúc 08:00

(QTO) - Cam Lo fair market is located in Cam Lo district, Quang Tri province, close to the bank of Hieu river.

Hien Luong Bridge - Ben Hai River

08/12/2020 lúc 15:49

In 1954, after losing the strategic decisive battle of Dien Bien Phu, France and other related parties recognized Vietnam's independence and territorial integrity under the Geneva Agreement. Ben Hai River at the 17th parallel was chosen as the boundary dividing Vietnam into two military gathering areas.

Preserving the national cultural identity in Western Quang Tri

08/12/2020 lúc 15:47

In the days bordering on the Lunar New Year of Canh Ty 2020, for the first time, Huong Hoa district holds a highland fair, attracting thousands of visitors to visit and shop. The indelible impression of this fair is the introduction of musical instruments, folk tunes and traditional dishes of the ethnic groups in the district. Especially in that, indigenous products made by the people themselves or collected from the wild ensure the criteria of clean, delicious and reasonable prices. The fair only took place for a short time but left many beautiful impressions, opening up the prospect of preserving the cultural identity of ethnic minorities in the future ...

Con Co - a place to explore on summer days

01/01/1970 lúc 08:00

Dunes are a treasure of nature bestowed upon fishermen in the near and far seas to rest or shelter when the sea rages. Recently it is also a discovery spot for many young people and international tourists.

Quang Tri delicacy - Lemongrass heart

08/12/2020 lúc 15:40

(Vietnamese food) - Lemongrass heart is one of the delicious dishes in Quang Tri. The name sounds strange, but the way it is done makes people think of the northern porridge. Pig's heart, blood, heart and liver together with a lot of lemongrass are chopped, add chili, pepper and then cook it to become a special delicacy, eating with bread is undeniable.

General introduction to Quang Tri

08/12/2020 lúc 15:35

Quang Tri has an important geo-economic - political position, the intersection of the North - South and East - West economic axis, with favorable traffic conditions both in terms of road, railway and waterway. including the national arterial transport routes; Especially, there is the East-West Economic Corridor (EWEC), the shortest trans-Asia route connecting countries in the region from Myanmar - Thailand - Laos through Lao Bao international border gate to Central Vietnam and expanding. ASEAN region. EWEC is interested in investing by the Government of Japan, Asian Development Bank (ADB) and evaluated as an outstanding advantage for Quang Tri province to expand cooperation, strengthen economic linkages, develop trade, barter with the whole country and with countries in the region.

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