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Con Co - a place to explore on summer days

Dunes are a treasure of nature bestowed upon fishermen in the near and far seas to rest or shelter when the sea rages. Recently it is also a discovery spot for many young people and international tourists.
Con Co Island - a raw gem in the sea of ​​Quang Tri. Photo: P.V​

Con Co Island - a raw gem in the sea of ​​Quang Tri. Photo: P.V​

The island is formed by volcanoes in the middle of the sea. Con Co has geological value, marine resources and resources; Landscape ecology as a natural museum with magnificent basalt rocks, small beaches created by corals, scallops, clear sea water, stable sea water temperature. Besides, Con Co has a three-tier tropical forest ecosystem of volcanic island; forests on the rare coral reefs in Vietnam.

Tropical forest ecosystem 3 floors

Con Co is an island district located far from the mainland, the climatic conditions are influenced by the tropical monsoon. Every year the island is affected by long monsoons and storms at all levels. On the other hand, Con Co is located independently in the middle of the sea. In the rainy season, it is often completely divided, so tourists should only travel from February to June, of which May - June is the time of hot weather. , most suitable for marine tourism.

Currently, there is a high-speed boat going straight from Cua Viet port to Con Co island with travel time of about 1.5 hours. From Cua Viet port, there are ships going to Con Co island at 8 am on 3 - 5 - 7, ships from Con Co to the mainland run at 8 am the next day. The motels on the island are quite simple, in addition you can contact the homestay service registration service with the people of Con Co.

Ben Tranh on the island was built into a beach so that visitors can comfortably swim, roam or relax watching the sea. This area is full of life jacket rental services, swimming goggles, tools for diving and watching coral, fishing.

Ben Nghe is the most beautiful natural tourist spot on the island, which receives the first rays of sunlight on the island. The wind from the ocean all year round, the cages blow, the constant waves clapping on the stone steps, next to the sturdy square roots reaching out like a fence to protect the island from the harsh sea. During the war, Ben Nghe was the place where every night to receive supplies for soldiers protecting the island.

Con Co Island is a few places that still have intact three-tier tropical forest ecosystem, well preserved and protected. Discovering the primeval forest on the island in the middle of the sea is also an interesting experience when coming to this island. The path through the Con Co forest is an extremely beautiful path covered with rocks from fossilized coral, one of the unique but not uncommon rocks on this island.

Most of visitors to Con Co snorkel to watch the coral. The corals in Con Co have high coverage, diversity in species composition and are still relatively intact after Phu Quoc Island (Kien Giang), Con Dao (Ba Ria Vung Tau) and Hon Mun (Khanh Hoa). Currently there are up to 109 species of corals, including many rare types, especially red and black coral. The unique and rare beauty of the mysterious black coral reefs surrounding the island as an attractive invitation that visitors love to explore can hardly resist.

Seafood specialties

Con Co's specialties are snails and crabs. The crab meat here is delicious and nutritious, so many people love it. In addition, there are black and white sea cucumbers that are as big as big toes, long with gloves, both a precious medicine, and a high-class dish, ranked on par with bird's nest. Recently, people also invite tourists to roam grapes.

Seaweed has the same shape and color as green grapes, linked together in clusters on the long stem. According to research, this is a nutritious food, provides many essential minerals and vitamins for the body, helps reduce the risk of diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, goiter.

There is a valuable medicine that people living on the island of Con Co are exploiting quite a lot, that is giraffe. Due to the characteristics of soil and climate here, the quality of cyanobacteria is highly appreciated by experts. Cyanophyta has the effect of treating high blood pressure, lowering blood fat, reducing belly fat, reducing stress, fatigue, lowering liver enzymes, treating diabetes very well. Green tea is a bit bitter, sweet after drinking.

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