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Travel Experience - Explore Klu Hot Springs Tourist Area

Dakrong is a district located in the west of Quang Tri province, located on the axis of East-West Economic Corridor (EWEC), with famous landmarks such as Dakrong suspension bridge, Ba Long war zone ...Besides those historical sites, Dakrong is also famous for its extremely rich, diverse and rare natural ecosystem that facilitates ecotourism and discovery tourism.
Enjoy the cuisine of the people of Van Kieu - Photo of Dinh Giao Huu

Enjoy the cuisine of the people of Van Kieu - Photo of Dinh Giao Huu

Combined with the system of rivers, streams, and caves to create a distinctive mark, a beautiful, fresh, wild nature with names such as Hinh stream, O O waterfall, Ta Tung waterfall, Ngai cave, Dakrong river Ba Long River, ... always evokes the curiosity of tourists. Especially with Klu hot spring located at the foot of Ngai Cave is really an attraction not to be missed when coming to Dakrong, one of the valuable springs for resort tourism, community tourism and care. health care.

Klu hot spring tourist area in Klu village, Dakrong commune, Dakrong district, Quang Tri province, about 50km from Dong Ha city, is now on Highway 9 towards Lao Bao international border gate, plus tourist area. Dong Klu has attracted a lot of attention from tourists inside and outside the province, especially those who like the feeling of adventure, discovering new things. It was bestowed to the people by nature where the hot spring called Klu flows forever. Once you come to Klu, you can feel the wild and romantic features of this hot spring. The source of the Klu stream is the waterfalls flowing day and night, there are also rocky beaches with many fancy shapes. Klu hot spring is a place to help you relieve troublesome troubles, soak in the clear spring water and enjoy the relaxing feelings after exhausting days of pressure in life and work.

Besides visiting Klu hot spring, you can also enjoy the dishes and cuisine of the Bru Van Kieu people, with dishes such as bamboo shoots, Ban Chicken, Ban Pig prepared in the manner of Van Kieu people, take a sip of Can wine, Lam rice, and fresh food from the hands of local residents. In addition, you can also enjoy the stall dances, cultural exchanges of the people, visitors also have the opportunity to learn about the customs and culture of the Van Kieu people, but people here. is an introduction, a guide.
Klu community tourism area converges many potentials and advantages to develop community tourism, in addition to Klu hot spring, you can visit Dakrong scenic area by the legendary Dakrong suspension bridge, explore the waterfall Luoi, Thac Hien, Ta Tung waterfall ... Crossing Truong Son Street, Ka Va Hill, Kô Ka Lu, ... These are historical places with traditional educational significance, very convenient for tourism activities towards the roots.

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