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Preserving the national cultural identity in Western Quang Tri

Foreign tourists come to the upland market. Photo: K.K.S

Foreign tourists come to the upland market. Photo: K.K.S

In the last days of 2019, Ms. Ko Kan Hai Au in Hamlet 3B, Khe Sanh town was invited to participate in the display of typical local products at the upland market. Right before the opening, her stall of glutinous rice wine and white wine attracted many people to watch, taste free wine, buy for Tet or as gifts for relatives, especially many guests. foreigner. Her wine is made from black sticky rice and leaf yeast of the Van Kieu and Pa Ko people, which is very delicious, especially verified by the authorities. On this occasion, she has the opportunity to introduce her products to a wider range of customers.

Ms. Au shared: “I am very happy to be able to participate in the upland market in Huong Hoa district 2020. Here we have the opportunity to introduce and promote our own products; exchange and learn production experiences with other production households. I hope the district organizes more highland markets like this so that we have the opportunity to display products, contribute to preserving and promoting the national cultural identity, promoting local development ”.

Like Ms. Au, artisan Ho Van Hoi in Hamlet 6, Khe Sanh town exhibits brocade products woven by himself. His booth is eye-catching with many designs of shirts, skirts, towels, brocade fabric, especially he combines to display and use traditional instruments such as khèn, flute, gong, bar la ... attracting many people. Come to see and borrow traditional costumes of the booth, you bring to take souvenir photos or buy for use, as souvenirs.

Mr. Hoi happily said: “In the past, I participated in exhibiting and introducing brocade products in many places, but this is the first time the district has organized a large-scale and methodical fair. Therefore, in order to have an impressive booth, we have been diligently prepared, from the products to be displayed to the way of decoration, in order to "hold" the customers not only on this occasion but also in the long term. Through the fair, I want my friends from near and far to know more about the characteristics, customs, costumes and activities of the Van Kieu and Pa Ko ”.

"Xuan Canh Ty upland market 2020" in Huong Hoa district with the theme "Spring of highland" gathered 30 booths including display areas, introducing typical agricultural products of Huong Hoa district such as coffee, pepper, turmeric starch, dried bananas, Ban glutinous wine, wild leaf yeast, brown rice, dried bamboo shoots, wild honey, Ban chicken ... and some other agricultural products. It was held for the first time, the fair attracted a lot of tourists inside and outside the province and foreign tourists.

Display area, introduce traditional handicraft products of the Van Kieu and Pa Ko ethnic minorities, such as: Brocade fabric, products made from rattan, bamboo, souvenirs ... Display area, introduction film. on artifacts bearing bold traditional culture, customs and habits ... of the Van Kieu and Pa Ko ethnic minorities. Cultural exchange area, folk games such as walking on stilts, pushing sticks, shooting crossbows ... Food court introduces dishes of Van Kieu, Pa Ko, Kinh people and dishes of Laos, such as rice lam, fish cakes, buffalo croissants, grilled fish, grilled chicken, kitchen beef ... Besides, there is also a display space for flowers and ornamental plants.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Huyen, Head of Culture and Information Department of Huong Hoa district said: “Before the upland fair took place, the organizers invited business households, small businesses, households to produce traditional trades; widely announced on the mass media about the plan, location, and the items to be displayed at the fair, so they are interested by a large number of customers inside and outside the province, taking the time to visit and shop. Products participating at the fair must ensure the following standards: fresh, delicious, beautiful and unique design, showing the local identity, displayed neatly and scientifically for buyers to easily observe and ensure. suitable price and public price list. Thanks to that, many items at the market soon "sold out" immediately after opening. Cultural and cultural exchange activities took place at the fair, such as a team of gong craftsmen in Hamlet 6 participating in dancing and singing, visitors coming to visit and shopping also participating in the stall, gathered together to dance. singing, creating a lively atmosphere in the days of the fair, in the solidarity between the ethnic groups ”.

Over the years, Huong Hoa has attracted many domestic and international tourists with many famous historical relics and beautiful landscapes. Besides, the district has about 50% of the people being ethnic minorities, so this place has its own cultural characteristics. These advantages combined, if exploited in the right direction, Huong Hoa will develop tourism into a spearhead economic sector. Therefore, the upland fair held with many activities to introduce and promote the local image, especially the unique traditional cultural features of the Van Kieu and Pa Ko ethnic groups will create a highlight for local travel.

“Through the upland market, we wish to introduce and widely advertise the image of the mountainous district of Huong Hoa with potential advantages to promote tourism development; contribute step by step to build typical tourism products to attract tourists to Huong Hoa ”, Ms. Huyen added.

From this upland market which was held for the first time, it is hoped that many other fairs will be held in order to display and introduce the cultural identities of ethnic groups in the area. The district needs to expand the scale of the upland market, encouraging households and businesses to display and introduce a variety of typical products of the region to ensure quality, creating a deep impression on with visitors to visit and shop.

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