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General introduction to Quang Tri

Quang Tri has many outstanding potentials and advantages in clean energy (wind power, solar power); the reserves of quartz sand are abundant and of good quality; the development of the processing industry is based on the top advantage of planted area and wood production in Vietnam; to develop tourism, especially ecotourism, and marine tourism to become a spearhead economic branch of the province.

The infrastructure system is relatively complete; there are 2 economic zones, 3 industrial zones and 14 industrial clusters. In particular, the Southeast Economic Zone with an area of 23,792 hectares has been approved by the Prime Minister together with the project to establish La Lay Border Gate Economic Zone, which has given Quang Tri a great potential advantage to attract top private. Quang Tri province hopes that "Quang Tri Southeast Economic Zone - will be the destination for international investors on the East-West Economic Corridor".

To converge existing advantages in terms of geo-economic location, natural resources, minerals, and aquatic products are quite plentiful and diverse; Long-standing historical and cultural relics, famous at home and abroad; Combined with the "new strengths" being invested, formed in infrastructure, transportation, human resources, the quality of administrative procedure reform, Quang Tri will create its own competitive advantages. clear and prominent to attract domestic and foreign investors. Quang Tri province commits to continue to focus on strongly improving the investment environment, is willing to cooperate and create all the most favorable conditions for investment procedures as well as apply investment incentives at the highest level, promptly grasp and handle difficulties and problems for businesses; well implement security and order, ensure safety for investors when they come to learn and implement investment projects in the province, ensure the motto of timeliness and consistency of the political system, Clear working style, convenient for investors.


Quang Tri province is in the North Central region of Vietnam with 1 city, 1 town and 8 districts; It borders Quang Binh province to the North, Thua Thien Hue province to the South, the Lao People's Democratic Republic to the West and the East Sea to the East, with a natural area of 4,737 km2 (accounting for 1.43% of the country's area. ) and population of 630,845 people (accounting for 0.67% of the national population). Quang Tri is an important traffic hub, located at the intersection of the national arterial roads: National Highway 1A, Ho Chi Minh Road (including two East and West branches), National Highway 9 attached to the trans-Asia road. Highway 15D, along with the North-South railway, connecting with Cua Viet port (capable of receiving ships of up to 5,000 DWT), My Thuy deep-water seaport (being invested to receive ships of 100,000 DWT) ; Not far from the center of Dong Ha city to the North is Dong Hoi-Quang Binh airport (about 90km); to the south are Phu Bai airport - Thua Thien Hue province (about 80 km) and Da Nang international airport (about 150 km).

As the starting point on the East-West Economic Corridor (EWEC) connecting Laos - Thailand - Myanmar through Lao Bao International Border Gate with a total length of 1,450km, running through 13 provinces of 04 countries,Quang Tri has many development advantages in the international economic integration process. With the attention of the Government of Vietnam and the Governments of the Mekong sub-region, together with the active support of international organizations such as JICA, ADB, WB ... the role of the Economic Corridor East-West is increasingly asserted, becoming a driving force of development of the central provinces. With that advantage, Quang Tri has the conditions to develop infrastructure, goods trade, international transportation, trade, tourism and investment.


Quang Tri has a total natural land area of 473,744ha; of which: Agricultural land: 388,042 ha; non-agricultural land: 40,886 ha and unused land: 44,816 ha; Production forest land: 119,541 ha; Timber output in 2018 is 850,000 m3 SEAFOOD: With a coastline of 75 km, 2 estuaries (Cua Viet, Cua Tung), the fishing ground is 8,400 km2 with many kinds of seafood with high economic value such as lobster, cuttlefish, orange fish, goby fish, sea cucumber ... with seafood reserves: about 60,000 tons; Over 3,412.37 ha of water surface can be used for aquaculture. Fisheries are focused on developing both in aquaculture, fishing, fishing services and logistics, associated with the protection of sovereignty over the sea and islands.


Limestone in Tan Lam, Ta Rang with a large reserve (over 3 billion tons), good quality; titanium in Vinh Linh, Gio Linh. In particular, the quartz sand mines in the South - North of Cua Viet and Hai Lang with a total determined reserve of up to 277 million tons, are raw materials for the production of high-grade glass, ceramics, as a construction additive. construction and construction materials, optical fiber and liquid crystal display, fiberglass from silicate powder, ceramics industry ...
According to the development orientation of Vietnam's gas industry (Decision No. 60 / QD-TTg dated January 16, 2017 of the Prime Minister), in the near future, the Bao Vang gas field will be exploited in the territory of Quang Tri. , constructing gas pipeline systems and gas treatment plants with the scale of 2-3 billion m3 / year.


Quang Tri is famous for many historical revolutionary relics such as: Quang Tri Ancient Citadel, Ruins Complex of Hien Luong - Ben Hai, Road 9-Khe Sanh; Legendary Ho Chi Minh trail, Vinh Moc Tunnels, Ta Con Airport, Mc.Namara electronic fence, Lao Bao exile house, heroic Con Co island ... together with Truong Son National Martyrs Cemetery Road 9 National Martyrs' Cemetery has created the unique, unique and attractive character of the war relic system of Quang Tri.

Besides, Quang Tri also has many beautiful landscapes such as Tram Tra Loc, primeval forest Ru Linh, Brai cave, Cape Trèo-Ru Bau ..., ..., many beaches of Cua Tung, Cua Viet, Vinh. Thai has a very unique beauty with pure, flat, smooth white sand, clear blue water, few places have. Quang Tri also has many unique cultural and spiritual relics, folk festivals and typical revolutionary festivals. Sac Tu communal house - one of the oldest pagodas in the Central and the Mother of La Vang Pilgrimage Center, annually attracts thousands of devotees and visitors to the ceremony. With that advantage, Quang Tri becomes the bridge for famous tours: "The Heritage Road of Central Vietnam"; "The legendary road"; "Nostalgia about the old battlefield and comrades". Coming to Quang Tri, visitors will feel the unique characteristics of the land and people of Quang Tri, the strong will of the Vietnamese people for the independence and freedom of the Fatherland.


The province's workforce in 2019 is more than 348,800 people, of which the rate of workers aged 15 and over who are working in the economy with vocational training is 39.36%, trained with certificates. reached over 29.1%. Currently, the province is focusing on implementing many solutions to develop and improve the quality of human resources, including: implementing the policy of using, remunerating and attracting highly qualified experts and healthy workers. profession; upgrade vocational schools of the province, have policies to support investors in training workers, especially the existing workforce of the province to create jobs and reduce costs for investors.


Quang Tri has a well-developed transportation system, convenient for both road, railway and waterway. The national highways have been invested and upgraded, the roads of the province and district roads connecting the development centers are asphalted. Up to now, 100% of communes have roads for cars to the commune center during 4 seasons a year.

Cua Viet Port is being invested in upgrading to accommodate ships with a total tonnage of 5,000 DWT. My Thuy deep sea port is attached to the Southeast Economic Zone (the nearest gateway to the East Sea of the Economic Corridor route
East-West) has been approved by the Government and is preparing to invest to accommodate ships with a total tonnage of 100,000 DWT.


Post and telecommunications have developed, electricity and water supply systems for living and production have been ensured. Transportation, banking, insurance, medical, education ... services are developing rapidly. Urban areas of Dong Ha and Lao Bao are being invested and upgraded with their infrastructure. Dong Ha city strives to become a class II city, Quang Tri town basically meets the criteria of grade III urban area, Lao Bao town, Khe Sanh urban grade IV by 2021.
The whole province has 63 medical facilities with 2,025 beds, human resources in the medical sector with 2,564 people, of which: doctors have 575 people, doctors have 267 people, nurses have 718 people, midwives have 400 people.

Quang Tri has 01 university branch under Hue University, 02 colleges, 04 vocational secondary schools and a number of vocational-training centers to meet the vocational training needs of the above business and production establishments. locality. In particular, in 2018, the ISchool Quang Tri International Integration School was built and put into operation, and will be the place to receive the quintessence of the international approach to education method of the ISchool system.

Besides, Quang Tri province is calling for investment in an international standard hospital next to the provincial General Hospital.

Bao Quang Tri

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